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Why Seventeenflat Pop-Up Barrels?

  Stronger Wire | Thicker Fabric | Quality Zippers | Weighted Bottoms | Correct Size 
Seventeenflat's  Original Pop-up Barrels are voted the BEST!  These three red and white practice barrels are just like the real thing. Each is exactly the size of a 55 gallon drum yet collapses down to just 3 inches tall. All three fit conveniently inside a zippered bag complete with carry handles, shoulder strap and an extra zippered compartment. These barrels have weighted bottoms making them difficult to tip over so practicing is even more convenient not to mention easier on the knees. When you are finished, load them into the bag, sling it over your shoulder or saddle horn and head for home.

Designed with your horse's safety in mind!

The Choice is Clear

Exact Size of a 55 Gallon Barrel
Thicker Fabric and Stronger Wire
Heavy-Duty Reinforced Bottoms
Durable Nylon Stitching
Quality Design Built to Last
Invented and Owned by a Professional Barrel Racer
Designed with Your Horse's Safety in MInd