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Barrel Horse News:  MEET DENISE MADSEN


Youth writer Sara Honegger, writes a nice article about Denise Madsen and her long-awaited Patented invention...Seventeenflat.com POP-Up Barrels.

BARREL RACING IS A UNIQUE ENVIRONMENT, one where you can make lifelong friendships, ones that can truly inspire. I'm fortunate enough to have grown up knowing Denise Madsen, who has taught me that it is possible to accomplish what you've always wanted. Denise dreameed of patenting an invention, and after anxiously keeping the idea in the back of her mind for 15 years, her aspiration came true with the birth of Seventeenflat.com Pop-Up Barrels. "
"From the time I can remember," Denise says, "we'd have innovative, crazy shortcuts in my house for items people use daily. Friends would always say, 'Your dad should patent that. I want one."'
Denise inherited her father's inventive mind, and unlike the people who just talk the talk, she went the distance. In 2004, she began researching what the process would be to bring her idea to life. Now, after many hurdles, the promise to her father, that she "one day will patent an invention", has come true.
Inventing the Pop-Up Barrels has taught Denise about life, business and people, allowing her to meet top names in the industry that she had never imagined knowing. To Denise, pride equals happiness, and that attitude is what drives her business.
"I relate it to barrel racing," she says. "I'd rather have a good run and come home without a check, than win money for a run I wasn't proud of."
Anytime she picks up the Pop-Up Barrels? at a rodeo, instead of searching for bulky metal trashcans, she is reminded of all that she has accomplished.
Many people will say things like "There must be an easier way," or "I wish I had invented that." Denise followed through with the idea.