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READ THESE POSTS........from Barrelhorseworld.com

READ THESE POSTS........from Barrelhorseworld.com

*Katies Coast to Coast..."I carried those copy-cat barrels for awhile. They are SMALLER than the Seventeenflats, the wire is thinner, and definately cheaper all the way around. I started selling the Seventeenflats instead."

*YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!! I tried the others first...what a mistake! I sent them back and bought Seventeenflats. The quality is the best for sure.

*I got Seventeenflat barrels 2 years ago for Christmas and they have been in my trailer since the day after Christmas. I don't leave home without them. You never know when the rodeo commitee is going to take the barrels and you need to work a colt you are hauling, or your open horse needs slow work. They have been a life saver and have paid for themselves ten times over. I won't leave home without them. They are probably the best investment ever, and the best Christmas present my Mother-in-law has ever given me.

*I have the SeventeenFlat and highly recommend them. They are well worth the money.

*I don't use mine a whole lot because I have metal barrels in my arena, I got the pop ups
to put out in the pasture just to have a different place to work the pattern occasionally
and I like the fact that they fold down easily, go in the bag and are out of the way when I don't need them. Great product!!!

*You can't go wrong with buying the originals from Denise at Seventeenflat. She has integrity and will honor her product guarantee.

*I have a set of the Seventeenflat barrels and I think the best thing about them is how convenient they are. I like the holding bag. When I boarded my horse out at a dressage barn, I'd carry my barrels out, set them up, and than take them down, no mess, no fuss. No one got upset and I didn't bang my shins when picking them up!

*My husband bought me the Seventeenflats for Christmas one year and I love them!-

*I just have a 1/2 acre turn out at my house for my 2 horses, no arena or area to ride. So I trailer a couple miles up the road to a public arena. There aren't any barrels and lugging around plastic or metal barrels would be a pain. I haul in, put the carrying case on the horn, go down to the arena, bust em out, use them, pack them away and call it a day!
Super convienent for me.

*I love love love Seventeenflat barrels. They are easy to move around and since most places use barrels like them for time only's I thought it was a good investment so my colts will know what they look like.
Thank you Seventeenflat!

*Authentic, patented Seventeen Flat Barrels from Denise Madsen http://seventeenflat.com/............. I would just spend that extra little bit of money and get hers. They close, they have a bag, they are the bomb, and they hold up REALLY well. I have a son who thinks they are his personal tents and they are still solid, solid, solid.

*Get the original and feel good, you are not only helping another barrel racer in her business, but you're getting a quality product that has taken her years to get "perfect."

*I absolutely LOVE my Seventeenflat barrels. I have had them since they first came out and they still look new! Those barrels have been all over the US w. me and in most arenas. I had the original carry bag that was in bad shape and i called to get a replacement and they were soo nice to talk to. They sent me a wonderful new carry bag since they have improved their material since they first started.. I highly recommend this brand. They are very much worth the $ and its not even that high priced for the product and YEARS your going to get out of them.