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Pop-Up Barrels®

These barrels are the first of their kind! Never before have 3 barrels been so conveniently available at your fingertips. You can take these barrels anywhere! Practice in the dirt parking lot, a warm up arena, or at the beach. Just think, no more dragging heavy trash cans! Have you ever had to share an arena and had to pick up your barrels after each practice session? Well, now it will be easy with POP-UP Barrels®. Take them in your car, truck, trailer, even on an airplane! Keep a set in your own arena and see how hard they are to tip over. Your knee's will thank you too. Each set includes 3 barrels in a nylon storage bag. Each barrel scrunches down and is held by velcro on two opposite sides allowing all 3 to fit in the bag! The whole set weighs only 18 lbs.

The bottom of each barrel is weighted which makes the barrel hard to tip over. Due to this product's light weight, weather conditions should be taken into consideration during use. Windy conditions could cause movement of practice barrels. The mesh top easily allows more weight to be added to the bottom of the barrel if needed. Proper set-up includes pulling the drawstring at the top of the barrel tight and placing the remainder inside the barrel. Do not leave cord hanging outside the barrel.