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"I've known Denise for a long time even before she invented the Pop-Up Barrels. She's worked long and hard to make Seventeenflat.com a great company. Her barrels are built to last and she takes care of her customers no matter what. Seventeenflat.com POP-Up Barrels are the only practice barrels I will use. Not only out of loyalty to the one who invented them, but when it comes to quality and service, imitations just don't measure up!"

-Sherry Cervi - 4X World Champion


 "I have sold many sets of Seventeenflat.com Pop-Up Barrels. I have never had a customer complain or return a set of these barrels. This is a big deal in the retail business. If I ever do have a problem, I know that Seventeenflat.com will make it right!"

-Connie Lemon | Giddy Up Western Wear, Alberta Canada 


" I am proud to, and will only sell QUALITY products in my store. Seventeenflat.com Pop-Up Barrels is one of those products.
I admit, that at first, I looked into selling the imitation, knock-off barrels. When I took one look at them, I realized that they were not a product I wanted to sell in my store. We measured them right next to a real 55-gallon barrel and they were shorter. You could tell by looking that the material was thinner and the wire was too. I sent them right back. "

-Michelle Dahl -www.Katiescoasttocoast.com 


 They are so COOL!  With your barrels, I can be enthused about arriving early at a rodeo and know that I can familiarize my horse with the pattern without injuring or fatiguing myself. For my young futurity horse, I can set up one barrel anywhere to get him focused on his skills and performance. Best wishes for the success of your product.

-Tamara Hammons-Reinhardt,NFR '86,'87 - Canadian, Tx




 Seventeenflat.com, the Original Pop-Up Barrels are the greatest resource to help you keep your horse tuned and ready for competition. They are a must for professionals as well as future champions. Their style is copied but the quality is never duplicated.

-Sharon Camarillo -www.barrelracingsuperstore.com 

 I want to use the barrels in my clinics. I am tired of rolling out metal drums at the rodeos. Taking a set with me on the road is so handy. I want to also use them in the exhibition runs at the barrel races I put on. These are so convenient and they LAST!

-Brittany Pozzi-Victoria, TX. - WPRA NFR World Champion titles


 I am finally ordering my own set of Pop-Up Barrels. I have been using my friends for years! They are so handy and they are the best! For my money, I want something that will last.  I am really excited to get them in time for Christmas. 

-Brandie Halls..NFR Qualifier Arena Record Holder - Wyoming


 I never got to tell y\'all how much I've appreciated your gift of the pop-ups at the NFR last year. I think about it when I\'m out there using them, but forget to let you know. I know it\'s a little late, but hopefully not too late! THEY HAVE BEEN THE BEST TRAINING/ TURNING TOOL I'VE USED ON THE ROAD! I used to find garbage barrels and pray there wasn't too much trash inside to move it so I could practice. Now I don\'t have too. I carry the pop-ups everywhere with me! Thank you again and God Bless! 

-Kelly Kaminski - 2004,2005 World Champion


"Seventeenflat POP-Up Barrels are in a league of their own.  Copycats are NOT THE SAME. The size is the exact dimensions of the barrels in the arena...this is very important.  I don't leave the barn without mine"
-Molli Montgomery - Multiple Futurity Champion trainer and rider 


 These are literally the best, and in my opinion, the only pop-up barrels on the market worth owning. The quality is absolutely unsurpassed. I know when I buy something, I want it to last. I have known about Seventeenflat barrels for years and many of my friends still own their original sets they purchased 10 years ago.
I have been impressed with the way my sets are holding up. I use my barrels weekly, and even with taking them in and out of the bag dozens of times a month for years, they still look brand new.
I have barn mates who have purchased the less expensive knock offs, and within months, those are failing. This is not the case with the Seventeenflat product. The thought that went into the engineering and construction shows in the durability I've personally witnessed. When the wires on the knockoffs poke through and the material fails, I always recommend this product. They should never have to buy new ones again.
Also, I really want to mention the outstanding caliber of customer service. Denise takes great pride in her product, and she truly stands behind them. I know if I ever have an issue or a question, I can reach her directly.
I'm proud to own, use, and recommend Seventeenflat barrels. Thank you for making a quality product and for taking care of your customers!

Kristina Chen-Terry, Barrelracer, Performance Horses

Seventeenflat.com Pop-Up Barrels®, Not just for horses any more!